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  • Product code: 2H SERIES
  • Price: Contact
  • Manufacturer: Parker
  • Guarantee: 12 months
  • Status: new
  • Product Description
  • 2H Series cylinders are heavy duty tie rod hydraulic cylinders for working pressures up to 210 bar. They are inch-dimensioned cylinders, designed to ANSI and NFPA specifications.

Order by phone (7:30 to 22:00): 090.158.8311
A wide range of optional features is available, permitting 2H cylinders to be customised to suit even the most challenging industrial application. Options include feedback transducers and position switches, integral cushions, oversize ports, stop tubes, stroke limiters, gland drains, rod end protection and more. Where only a totally bespoke cylinder will do, our experienced design engineers will work with you to create a unique customised solution.
Standard Specification
• Working pressure up to 210 bar
• Bore sizes – 38.1mm to 304.8mm (1.1/2 to 12 inches)
• Piston rod diameters – 15.9mm to 215.9mm (5/8 to 8.1/2 inches)
• 17 standard mounting styles
• Up to 4 rod sizes per bore
• Up to 8 standard male and female rod end threads per bore
• Strokes – available in any practical stroke length
• Single and double rod designs available
• Cushions – available at either or both ends
• Fluids and seals – five seal types to suit a wide range of fluid specifications
• Temperature ranges – -20°C to +150°C depending on fluid and seal types
• Wide range of mounting and rod end accessories
• Wide range of special features

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