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Aluminum Gerotor Pumps - Model PGG2

Date posted: 17/08/2016 - 792 View

Aluminum Gerotor  Pumps - Model PGG2
Aluminum Gerotor  Pumps - Model PGG2

  • Product code: Model PGG2
  • Price: Contact
  • Manufacturer: PARKER
  • Guarantee: 12 months
  • Status: Contact
  • Product Description
  • High Speed/Low Torque (HSLT) design provides speeds to 5000 RPM and continuous pressure to 2000 PSI. Aluminum construction offers optimum power to weight ratio.

Order by phone (7:30 to 22:00): 090.158.8311
Aluminum  Gerotor  Pumps - Model PGG2 is the product of Parker,  Energy Service Equipment Joint Stock Company  exclusive distributor in Vietnam  market..
-Aluminum construction provides optimum power to weight ratio
-High-pressure mechanical seals for series applications to 1000 PSI (69.0 bar) back pressure
-Roller Bearings for long life
-Buna-N Seals are standard for petroleum and glycol based fluids
-External case drain are available (single rotation, only)

Aluminum Gerotor  Pumps - Model PGG2

Tech Specifications :

All the details about the service, please contact us at the information below to be consulted:


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